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Stories by Lucy Huang

Software Sniffs Out Rat Squeaks

Algorithms learned to sift ultrasonic rat squeaks from other noise, which could help researchers who study rodents’ emotional states. Lucy Huang reports. 

May 1, 2019 — Lucy Huang

Ants Stick to Cliques to Dodge Disease

Ants infected with fungal pathogens steer clear of other cliques within the colony—avoiding wider infection, and allowing for a sort of immunity. Lucy Huang reports. 

January 16, 2019 — Lucy Huang

Who's a Smart Dog?!

An estimate of dog intelligence requires looking at non-dogs as well to understand what's special to canines and what is just typical of the taxonomic groups they're in.

December 6, 2018 — Lucy Huang

Consensual Hugs Seem to Reduce Stress

People who had a conflict in a given day but also got hugged were not as affected by the negative interaction as were their unhugged counterparts.  

November 18, 2018 — Lucy Huang
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