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Maryn McKenna's Big Chicken, Part 1

Award-winning journalist Maryn McKenna talks about her latest book, Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats. (Part 1 of 2) 

October 17, 2017 — Maryn McKenna and Steve Mirsky

Ships at Sea Stoke Lightning Strikes

Exhaust fumes from oceangoing vessels lead to an almost doubling of lightning activity over shipping lanes compared to adjacent areas of the sea. 

October 17, 2017 — Julia Rosen

Nobel Prize Explainer: Catching Proteins in the Act

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded jointly to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson for developing cryo-electron microscopy that can determine high-resolution structures of biomolecules in solution. 

October 4, 2017 — Steve Mirsky
Building a Better Mirror for Telescopes

Building a Better Mirror for Telescopes

More reflective telescope mirrors allow astronomers to capture more photons—and do more science. Christopher Intagliata reports.

September 22, 2017 — Christopher Intagliata

Of Shamrocks and Science

Happy St. Patrick’s Day