SA Mind Vol 32 Issue 2


Volume 32, Issue 2

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The Science of Spiritual Narcissism

Self-enhancement through spiritual practices can fool some of us into thinking we’re evolving and growing when all we’re growing is our ego

The Link Between Delirium and Dementia

Delirium is very common on COVID wards. Researchers are testing whether these temporary bouts of confusion could bring on permanent cognitive decline

How We Can Deal with 'Pandemic Fatigue'

The first step is to understand that it’s not just about exhaustion or tiredness—or depleting a mental resource


From the Editor
On the Other Side of That Pandemic Wall
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The Mind-Expanding Power of Complementarity
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When Our Gaze Is a Physical Force
Forecasts of Epilepsy Seizures Could Become a Reality
For a Better Connection, Talk instead of Typing
Electrical Brain Stimulation May Alleviate Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors
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