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Math980 articles archived since 1845

Math at the Met

Amid the museum’s 2 million works of art lie numerous mathematical curiosities

November 16, 2017 — Joseph Dauben, Marjorie Senechal and The Mathematical Intelligencer

The Tower of Hanoi

A Towering Mathematical Activity from Science Buddies

October 26, 2017 — Science Buddies and Sabine de Brabandere

How Does Geometry Explain the Phases of the Moon?

What causes the Moon to change phases throughout the month? Why is it sometimes visible only during the day and other times only at night? What’s the relationship between these times and the Moon’s phases?...

September 26, 2017 — Math Dude Jason Marshall

Why Is It Important to Study Math?

What’s the point of learning math? Why is it so important that kids are exposed to mathematical thinking? And what do parents and teachers need to know about learning  real  math?...

September 2, 2017 — Math Dude Jason Marshall

Interfering Patterns

A puzzling project from Science Buddies

August 10, 2017 — Science Buddies and Sabine de Brabandere

What Are Mixed Fractions?

How do they work? And how can you turn them into improper fractions? Keep on reading to find out!

July 8, 2017 — Math Dude Jason Marshall

4 More FAQs about Percentages

How do you quickly calculate 25 percent of a number? Or 33 percent of a number? And how can you quickly calculate percentage increases?

June 28, 2017 — Math Dude Jason Marshall

Keep Rolling Luggage Upright with Physics

A team of physicists has revealed why rolling suitcases start rocking from wheel to wheel—and how to avoid that frustrating phenomenon. Christopher Intagliata reports...

June 21, 2017 — Christopher Intagliata
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