The “Hartford (Ct.) Times” say:—"It may be remarked in publishing the above, as another evidence of the progress in silk manufacture which is now beiDg accomplished by American skill and ingenuity, that the establishments of Cheney Brothers, located in South Manchester, about nine miles East of this city, are producing a most beautiful article of Sewing Silk, which is unsurpassed in strength, fineness of texture, and lustre, by any Italian product. The machinery in their mills is ot the most ingenious character, and by its complete addptation to the purpose, an evenness and fineness is obtained in their sewing silk which is, if we are not mistaken, altogether unequalled by any other silk made in this country, and not surpassed by any made in Europe. This machinery has been invented by the Messrs. Cheney themselves, and the ingenious and beautiful operation of its different parts is well worth witnessing.