Ebenezer Barrows, Esq., of this city, has ta-ken measures to secure a patent for an improved mode of propelling vessels, and which is adapted for canals, as well as for fiver and ocean steamers ; the mode adopted is as follows : a long rectangular trussed frame, with an octagonal stationary wheel hung in each end, is constructed upon each sideof the boat to be propelled, and an engine attached to the shaft of one or both of these wheels, to propel them ; passing over the entire circumference of this irame, and around upon each side of these octagonal wheels, is a series of smooth circular propelling rollers, made water-tight and hung at each end in bearings in an endless chain, which revolves around the rectangular frame ; these propelling rollers are constructed in two parts with friction rollers between them, whichfriction rollersare setat a distance apart to correspond with the octagonal wheels at the end of said frame. Nearly one half of each rectangular frame isemer-sed in water upon each side of the vessel, and the boat is thus driven ahead by the action of the series of propelling .tollers upon the water.