M Basset lately introduced to the notice of the Academy of Sciences at Paris, the process of clarifying sugar invented by Mr Garcia, formerly a sugar refiner of Louisiana It is founded on the wellknown property of lime to combine with fatty substances, and produce alkaline soap When the saccharate of lime is brought into contact with a solution of soda soap, the sugar is set at liberty, the lime combines with the fat of the soap, and the soda remains in solution in the liquid When the clarification has been effected with an excess of lime, and the liquid has been skimmed a first time, it must be allowed to cool to below 104 Fah, and the solution of soap is then poured in while the liquid is being stirred When the whole has been incorporated, it is again brought to the boiling point, after which the temperature is suddenly lowered again, by the suppression of the steam current, and the new scum is removed The latter consists of a calcareous soap, which on rising to the surface has carried with it all the impurities and extraneous substances contained in the liquid The process requires no new apparatus, and is stated to produce better sugar