As we (and many others) predictedlast week, the latest effort at crafting cogent energy policy was much ado about nothing.

The bill [pdf], which was introduced by Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Rob Portman (R-OH),would have inched us closer to better, smarter energy policy. A baby step in the right direction but at least a step. And somewhat miraculously in the current congressional climate, it haddrawn unusual bipartisan support, and was expected to garner enough votes to pass.

But it died in the Senate in a standoff over the Keystone XL pipeline, which the Obama administration delayed making a decision on yet again, and plans for climate change regulations. Score one (or more) for politics. Zero for the environment, progress, and the American people.

The bill’s sponsorshave promised to keep up the fight for energy efficiency but for now the issue is dead in the water. A walking shadow, signifying nothing changed in a highly partisan Congress.More here and here.