The English clipper-ship " Australia," recently returned to Liverpool after a quick run, and in portions of her log, which were published, the statement was made that the " Australia " had passed at different periods of her voyage the American clippers " Fly ing Cloud," " White Squall," and " Atalanta." Lieutenant Maury, whose attention was called to this statement, examined into the matter, and from a comparison of the logs of these vessels conclusively shows that at thetime the " Australia " is said to have passed the " White Squall," that vessel was one hundred miles distant, laying to, for the repair of damages to spars, and that at the time the " Flying Cloud " is said to have been passed she was two thousand miles distant from the "Australia." He therefore concludes that it was some other ships, and not the two American clippers, that the " Australia " " passed with ease." In regard to the " Atalanta," Lieut. Maury could say nothing, as he was not furnished with an abstract of her log.