This improved wheel is cast in two parts— the rim and centre. The parts are loosely fitted to each other by means of projections on the centre and corresponding recesses in the rim. Each projection is furnished with a spiral spring which bears against the bottom of its recess. The centre is secured properly in its place by means of plates bolted to the rim. The inventor is Lucius Paige, of Cavendish, Vt. Mr. Paige is also the inventor of some improvements in Railroad Car Brakes. In this improved brake the lever attached to the shoe bar is lorced out, and the shoe drawn against the wheel by a contrivance of Iric-tioa rollers fitted upon the circumference of the wheel. When the force which operates the brake is taken away, the levers are restored to their .original position, relieving the car wheel from the shoe by means of springs.— The shoes are placed in sockets attached to the end ot the shoe bars for the purpose of allowing tbe shoes to be adjusted and their faces or bearing surface to be brought nearer the peripheries of the wheel as the shoe becomes worn and shattered by use. The inventor has taken the proper measures to secure a patent.