The advantages of having plows constructed so that their shares and mold-boards can be adjusted laterally and vertically, and thus take more land, or give a greater depth of furrow, as required, are now fully appreciated by the farmer ; our engravings illustrate a plow—invented by T. Sanford, of Redding Eidge, Conn.—which fulfils these conditions. Fig. 1 is a perspective view, and Fig. 2 a top view of this plow, in both of which A is the land side, B is the mold-board, and C is the standard. To the mold-board and land ide are secured by screws and nuts, a, two inclined bars, D, of wood ; they are connected I by the cross bar, E, and bolted to the bars, F, C by means of bolts, c, near the handles, b. The Stars, F, meet together in a socket, d, where they are secured by a screw, and this socket has an eye, g, cast in it, through which passes the bar, H, provided with the ring, h, to which the horses are attached. On the bar, H, is a screw and two pieces, which can be moved along, and as they grasp the coulter it can be fixed in any position. H passes through the standard, C, and terminates in a screw nnt,f. A piece of iron bar bent to a V-shape is passed under H, and each branch is secured by a nut and screw on its end to one of the bars, D, at e, and from the top of the standard, C, rise bars, i, to F, of wood, and adjustable iron bars also. The use of all these braces and tie bars is very obvious ; if it is desired to give more land to the plow, then the arm of G next the mold-board is slackened, and the other arm is tightened ; and should less land be wished, then the opposite side is tightened, and the land side slackened. If a greater depth of furrow is required, the nut, /, is slackened, so as to let the point be placed at a greater angle with the surface of the ground, and the straining bars, i, are moved a hole nearer the handles on F, which have a number of holes perforated in them, wherein to fix the straining bars for the various depths of furrows required. A patent was obtained for this excellent plow February 23, 1858. The inventor will be happy to furnish any further information upon being addressed as above.