An improvement in the construction of rails upon those parts of railroads ad joining switches, has been constructed by J. F. Fanning, of Union, N. Y. The object ot the improvement is to prevent the cars from running off the track in cases where the switch is not properly adjusted. The manner in which this is effected is as follows : each of the rails which connects with the switch is provided with long flanges upon the top at their inner edges, and guides or shorter flanges near their outer edges; this will render it nearly impossible for the engine to run off the track, even though the switch be moved considerably out of line with the adjoining rails, ior A the switch be moved too far to the right, two of the wheels of the engine will bear up against the longer flange of the left rail, and the other two against the shorter flange or guide oi the right one, and thereiore, as it moves toward the terminus of the angle formed by the flanges of the ai'jaining rails, they will gradually be drawn toward the main or straight track, and be caused to fall or slide into the tame. Th# like result will be Pr2ij*'** versa-in case the switch is BioyBRr, or fo the left of a direct line '.VitjBBKtir-u Considrable difficulty has iSHEfeieeii experienced, and many 3'*1"MHBS occurred, often, however, throujjaMPHPw" care in passing railroad switches ; Would this he found to remedy the difficulty it will contribute considerably to the safety of railroad travelling. Measures have been taken by the inventor to secure a patent.