The above machine consists of a rotary plow and seed planter, invented by Theodore T. Woodruff, of Watertown, N. Y., who has taken measures to secure a patent, For this purpose several sets of plows are fixed to a shaft supported in bearings upon the same carriage with a steam engine, and as it is impelled forward, are carried round by the revolution of the shaft. The plows are firmly secured at equal distances apart to a circular disc that is fastened upon the shaft and consist of mould boards, shares, and cutters as usual, only differing from the plow that is generally constructed in their circular form, The depth of plowing is regulated by a wheel at the end of the .shaft which is driven by spur wheels and other gearing, and there is likewise a contrivance by which the plows are raised when required from the ground. The driving wheels receive their motion for the purpose of impelling the plow by means of other spur wheels, and as the driving wheels and two crank shafts of the steam engine are independent of each other, the wheels can be moved in opposite directions to turn the plow around. The seed box requires no description, as it in no manner differs Jrom the usual construction, the seed being dropped as the plows operate, and this action Is regulated by a slide which is worked by bevel wheels connected with the other gearing.