We have received, says the Montreal Herald, a copy of a report on a Railway Suspension Biidge over the River St. Lawrence, near Quebec, made for the City Council, by order of N F. Belleau, E q , Mayr of Quebec, by William Serrell, Civil Engineer.— The report reflects the highest credit on Mr. Serrell. It has been most carefully prepared. Three sites for the proposed bridge wt-re surveyed—one near the river Chaudiere, about four miles from the mouth of Cape Rouue Creek, another from Durham Terrace to Point Levy, and a third from a lew hundred yards above Cape Diamond to the opposite shore. The result of which surveys or examinations is, that Mr. Serrel) sees the entire practicability of a bridge for railway and other travel, and that too, within the means at your (the City Councils-) command. The site se ect-ed near the Chaudiere will require a bridge of three thousand four hundred feet. The plan proposed is a wire uspension bridge, consisting of two massive towers of masonry, built in the river in twelve feet deep of water at average low tide; these towers to be in total height from their base about 330 feet, and 52 by 137 feet square at the base, battering regularly upwards; and they will be 1.6fO feet apart at their centre. The height ot the roadway above high water is to be 162 feet; the roadway will consist of two carriage ways, each ten and a half feet wide in the clear, and a railway track of such width or gauge as to match tne railways which may connect with it; the entire width of the road being 32 feet in the clear inside the parapet.