The Patent Office A correspondent writing to the Kalamazoo (Mich) Gazette, in alluding to the unprecedented prosperity of the Patent Office, remarks that " this department has been completely renovated since it has been placed under the control of the present Commissioner —the Hon Mr Holt It had long been in a somnolent state The antiquated examiners were drilled into a routine similar to that so dear to the 'Circumlocution Office' of venerable England ; and an ingenious applicant for its favors fared very much like our simple friend, Mr Doyce Mr Holt is fast bringing the Patent Office up to the requisitions of this progressive age, and a bill has already been introduced into Congress, containing most important and beneficial amendments to the existing law" We suppose the treatment of " simple friend Doyce " is on a level with what we have been exposing of late, and which Commissioner Holt is determined to correct in future, if Congress will permit him to do it unmolested —EDS