Take soda in crystals and put it into a barrel with layer about of quick-lime, and pour warm water upon it, suffering the liquor to leach out in the same manner that ashes are leached in the woods for making crude potash. This liquor should be filtered through straw so as to have it pure and clear. Its specific gravity should be l040 in the hydrometer. To every gallon of this lye 11 lbs. of melted suet or white tallow should be added, and it should be kept boiling gently in a clean kettle for four hours. It should then be completely saponified, which can easily be tested by immersing a flat knife in it. When completely saponified it will shake on the spatula. The fire should then be drawn from the lur-nace, and a handful of salt dissolved in cold water thrown in. This is to cool the soao and separate it from the water. It can then be run off into frames, and when cool cut into proper cakes. This is a good soap and is I well adapted for making into toilet and other