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Last week, we discussed the importance of the parathyroid gland in regulating bone health. We talked about how the parathyroid uses Vitamin D to help perform its job.  So let’s learn more about Vitamin D, often referred to as the “sunshine Vitamin” for reasons we will soon learn.

I frequently encounter patients who ask me about Vitamin D and request to have their “levels” checked.  Vitamin D deficiency has received a lot of press in the recent years. It has been suggested as the end-all answer to everything from depression, to prevention of cancer, and even heart attacks.  Most experts agree that the Vitamin D craze is over-hyped (as are many medical topics once the media gets a hold of them). 

Nevertheless, Vitamin D deficiency can be an important medical issue for some patients - but who?  What is all the hoopla over this vitamin about?  And if you live in Southern California or other sunny parts of the world, should you even be worried about Vitamin D levels since you tend to get enough sun exposure?  Let’s find out.

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