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Dino's Tail Might Have Whipped It Good

Researchers built a physical model of the tail of the late Jurassic dinosaur Apatosaurus and found that its tail tip could have moved at supersonic speed to produce a whip-crack sound  ...

October 16, 2015

How Dinosaurs Shrank and Became Birds

Modern birds appeared to emerge in a snap of evolutionary time. But new research illuminates the long series of evolutionary changes that made the transformation possible

June 12, 2015 — Emily Singer and Quanta Magazine

How I Dissected a T. Rex [Video]

Hint: it took chain saws, feathers and lots of latex, says vertebrate palaeontologist and evolutionary biologist Stephen Brusatte

June 8, 2015 — Stephen Brusatte and The Conversation

The Brontosaurus Is Back

Decades after scientists decided that the famed dinosaur never actually existed, new research says the opposite

April 7, 2015 — Charles Choi

Birds Roost on New Evolutionary Tree

In a massive first-of-its-kind whole-genome analysis involving 48 bird species, researchers have created a new avian evolutionary tree. Steve Mirsky reports


December 11, 2014 — Steve Mirsky
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