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Evolutionary Biology2018 articles archived since 1845

Were the First Flowers Aquarium Plants?

The identity of Earth's first flower has long vexed botanists. A new interpretation of an old fossil adds to the evidence that they may have come from the water.

September 8, 2015 — Jennifer Frazer

Sick Ants Seek Out Medicinal Food

Healthy ants wanted nothing to do with free-radical-rich foodstuff, but ants exposed to a pathogenic fungus sought it out, which upped their odds of survival. Christopher Intagliata reports...

August 27, 2015 — Christopher Intagliata

A New Era for Origins of Life Science?

A new effort to bring global cohesion to origins of life science launches, and with it a fresh look at how to crack one of the greatest existential questions.

August 7, 2015 — Caleb A. Scharf

Microbes Deep under Seafloor Reflect Ancient Land Origins

Microbes 2,500 meters below the seafloor in Japan are most closely related to bacterial groups that thrive in forest soils on land, suggesting that they might be descendants of ones that survived when their terrestrial habitat was flooded 20 million years ago  ...

August 6, 2015 — Cynthia Graber

Diminutive Peoples Took Different Paths to Petite

Adults of the west African Baka people and east African Efé and Sua peoples average less than five feet tall. But while the Efé and Sua are born small, the Baka have slow growth rates in infancy  ...

August 3, 2015 — Cynthia Graber

What All the Screaming Is about

An analysis of the acoustical characteristics of screams found that the sounds are unusually rough, that is, they rapidly change in frequency, which has an alarming effect on the listener's brain   ...

July 29, 2015 — Karen Hopkin
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