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Special Report

BP Gulf Oil Spill: 5 Years Later

Five years after BP's disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, effects linger but recovery has begun

Oil Pollution is Making Gulf Dolphins Sick

For eighty-seven days in 2010, 210 million gallons of oil from wells below the Deepwater Horizon poured into the Gulf of Mexico. Researchers announced recently that as a result, Bottlenose dolphins in Louisiana’s Barataria Bay are suffering from a host of maladies, including lung disease and adrenal problems...

March 4, 2014 — Jason G. Goldman

Oil Habit Unchanged on Two-Year Anniversary of BP's Gulf of Mexico Spill

Two years ago, 11 men lost their lives as a backlash of gas exploded into the night from the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. In the ensuing months, roughly 5 million barrels of oil and more than 6 billion cubic feet of natural gas spewed into the ocean from the Macondo well more than a kilometer underwater...

April 20, 2012 — David Biello

Oil Spill Sullies World Heritage Site

The Sundarbans, part of the world's largest mangrove forest and stretching across India and Bangladesh, have been tarnished by a 350,000-liter oil spill. David Biello reports


December 22, 2014 — David Biello
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