NASA's Curiosity Rover Touches Down on Mars

The car-size Curiosity rover could help answer the big question: Was Mars ever habitable?

Ready to Rove: Curiosity Project Scientist Lays Out Mars Tour Plans

After engineers run a months-long setup of the Mars Science Laboratory, now parked in a crater, scientists will take the rover on a nearly two-year journey that includes a visit to a six-kilometer-high mountain


NASA's Curiosity Rover Lands Safely on Mars

The elaborate landing of the $2.5-billion mission went off without apparent incident


Mapping Mars: Where Have All the Landers Gone? [Interactive]

The first man-made object to land on Mars arrived 40 years ago this month, and NASA's Curiosity rover should soon depart for the Red Planet. Here is a look at where humankind's many Mars landers have touched down, and where the planet betrays a history of all-important liquid water. Find out more in Exploring the Red Planet


NASA's Planetary Science Program Endangered by Budget Cuts

Planetary science is NASA's most successful and inspirational program. It should not be gutted


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