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Heat Changes Insect Call, but It Still Works

Tiny insects called treehoppers produce very different mating songs at higher versus lower temperatures, but the intended recipient still finds the changed songs attractive.

October 2, 2019 — Shahla Farzan

The Future of Silk

This strong, all-natural material was used to make the first bulletproof vest more than a century ago—but scientists have barely begun to tap its potential

September 30, 2019 — Aarathi Prasad

A New Theory of Obesity

“Ultraprocessed” foods seem to trigger neural signals that make us want more and more calories, unlike other foods in the Western diet

September 24, 2019 — Ellen Ruppel Shell

Real-Life Zombies

A zombie takeover is science fiction, right? Well, it turns out some zombies already exist in nature and “life” after brain death might not be so far-fetched

September 20, 2019 — Everyday Einstein Sabrina Stierwalt

Monogamy May Be Written in Our Genes

In animal studies, a set of 42 genes involved in neural development, learning and memory, and cognition seems to be associated with monogamy

September 19, 2019 — Karen Hopkin
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