Scientific American Magazine Vol 325 Issue 6

Scientific American

Volume 325, Issue 6

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Galaxy Collisions Preview Milky Way's Fate

New revelations about how galaxies collide show what might happen when our galaxy meets Andromeda

Your Boss Wants to Spy on Your Inner Feelings

Tech companies now use AI to analyze your feelings in job interviews and public spaces. But the software seems prone to racial, cultural and gender bias

Top 10 Emerging Technologies for 2021

Innovations to help tackle societal challenges—especially climate change

Solar 'Superflares' Rocked Earth Less Than 10,000 Years Ago--and Could Strike Again

Although our sun is considered a quiet star, it is now thought to have repeatedly pelted our planet with enormous eruptions in the not too distant past. Could another occur in the near future?


Innovations In
The COVID Cancer Effect
The Importance of Spotting Cancer's Warning Signs
We Must Improve Equity in Cancer Screening
The Colon Cancer Conundrum
Bacterial Builders Churn Out Lengthy Muscle Proteins
Reprogrammable Eutelsat Quantum Satellite Shifts Missions on the Fly
Movie-Making Tech Reveals Elephant Trunk Motions
Soil Microbe Could Clean Up Nuclear Waste
Secrets of Ultrarare Black Tigers Revealed
Trees Drill into Deep Bedrock for Water Surprisingly Often
See Strands of Ice That Look like Hair Build up on a Dead Tree Branch
In Case You Missed It
Indigenous Amazon Communities Fight Deforestation with New Early-Alert Tool
A Blank Wall Can Show How Many People Are in a Room and What They're Doing
Making Eye Contact Signals a New Turn in a Conversation
The Science Agenda
Expanding Mental Health Care Is a Medical Necessity
Rachel Carson's Explorations of the Sea, the Human Relationship with Elephants, and More
Graphic Science
Mammoth Tusk Reveals Ancient Mammal's Travels
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: December 2021
The Science of Health
Black Children, as Well as Other Minority Kids, Fare Worse Than White Children in Common Surgeries
Readers Respond to the August 2021 Issue
Once Shunned in Antarctica, Female Scientists Are Now Doing Crucial Polar Research
From the Editor
The Milky Way Is Destined to Collide with Andromeda, and We Know What It Will Look Like
Poem: 'The Scalar Nature of Snow'
COVID Has Taught Us Lessons That Could End AIDS