Scientific American Magazine Vol 327 Issue 5

Scientific American

Volume 327, Issue 5

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Citizens' Assemblies Are Upgrading Democracy: Fair Algorithms Are Part of the Program

Math helps to randomly select the fairest citizens’ assemblies since antiquity

Fossils Upend Conventional Wisdom about Evolution of Human Bipedalism

For most of human evolution, multiple species with different ways of walking upright coexisted

Some People Who Appear to Be in a Coma May Actually Be Conscious

Brain scans reveal that some people who can’t speak or move are aware of the world around them

Antarctica's Collapse Could Begin Even Sooner Than Anticipated

Two expeditions to the Thwaites Ice Shelf have revealed that it could splinter apart in less than a decade, hastening sea-level rise worldwide

Rule-Breaking Particles Pop Up in Experiments around the World

Several physics measurements suggest that novel particles and forces exist in the universe

Engineered Metamaterials Can Trick Light and Sound into Mind-Bending Behavior

Advanced materials can modify waves, creating optical illusions and useful technologies


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