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Stories by John Matson

Star physicists trade barbs over cosmological model

A tony social club in midtown Manhattan is not the place one might expect to find a verbal sparring match between famous physicists. But that was the case April 23 at the Harmonie Club, when Alan Guth and David Gross had a feisty off-the-cuff debate about Guth's model for the dawn of the universe...

April 30, 2010 — John Matson

A warming world could trigger earthquakes, landslides and volcanoes

Volcanoes, with their vast outpourings of greenhouse gases and sun-screening ash clouds, can affect climate. But what about the other way around?

A special issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, dated May 28, rounds up research on the ways that climate change can drive volcanic eruptions as well as other geologic hazards such as earthquakes and landslides...

April 21, 2010 — John Matson

More evidence suggests Venus has recent volcanic activity

Venus, the closest planet to Earth in both size and proximity, remains a source of considerable mystery. Its reflective clouds prevent a clear view of the planet, and for centuries little was known about its surface and inner workings...

April 12, 2010 — John Matson

Cool brown dwarf may be a newfound neighbor of the sun

Brown dwarfs straddle the divide between planets and stars—they are celestial objects too small to burn hydrogen in fusion reactions, as stars do, but they are large enough to sustain other kinds of fusion...

April 9, 2010 — John Matson
Shields Up

Shields Up

Magnetized rock sets start of magnetic field closer to life's origin

April 1, 2010 — John Matson

The U.K. finally gets its own space agency

The United Kingdom has firmed up its position within the ranks of the space-faring, announcing on March 23 the creation of a new space center and an impending consolidated national space agency...

March 25, 2010 — John Matson
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