Scientific American Magazine Vol 322 Issue 2

Scientific American

Volume 322, Issue 2

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Solar and Wind Power Could Ignite a Hydrogen Energy Comeback

Hydrogen, produced from water by surplus electricity, could power industry and the grid

No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay in the Air

No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay in the Air

Do recent explanations solve the mysteries of aerodynamic lift?

Fully Autonomous Weapons Pose Unique Dangers to Humankind

Nations racing to acquire weapons that choose their own targets are ignoring the apocalyptic scenarios that can unfold when rivals catch up 

In Search of the Brain's Social Road Maps

Neural circuits that track our whereabouts in space and time may also play vital roles in determining how we relate to other people

The First Molecule in the Universe

The First Molecule in the Universe

Scientists have identified mystery molecules in space and the compound thought to have started chemistry in the cosmos


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