Scientific American Magazine Vol 326 Issue 1

Scientific American

Volume 326, Issue 1

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Fossils Reveal When Animals Started Making Noise

For billions of years Earth was quiet. Then life got loud

An Ancient Greek Astronomical Calculation Machine Reveals New Secrets

Scientists have a new understanding of the mysterious Antikythera mechanism that challenges assumptions about ancient technology

Protecting People from Deadly Shellfish

Indigenous communities along Alaska’s coast are developing scientific networks to test shellfish for toxins because the state is not doing so

Borderline Personality Disorder May Be Rooted in Trauma

A focus on the traumatic origins of an often stigmatized psychiatric diagnosis is inspiring new treatments

Citizen Militias in the U.S. Are Moving toward More Violent Extremism

In some members, a longing for “simpler” times is giving rise to deadly activities

Can We Gauge Quantum Time of Flight?

Measuring the time it takes particles to travel between two points may be the best test yet for Bohmian mechanics


The Science Agenda
Hacking the Ransomware Problem
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: January 2022
Graphic Science
What Is a Lagrange Point?
Recycled Tennis Balls Could Protect Buildings from Earthquakes
3-D-Printed Chicken Dinner Cooked by Lasers
Potty Training Cows and Other Messy Stories from the Animal Kingdom
Hungry Hyenas Can Help Human Health
New Bait Uses Mosquitoes' Love of Malaria Parasite to Bite Them Back
Gene Variant May Have Helped Ancient Humans Survive Starvation
Prehistoric Volcanoes Heated Earth in a Global Chain Reaction
In Case You Missed It
Desert Beetles Rely on Oral Sex for Successful Mating
New Technology Monitors Collapsing Glaciers
Seashells Inspire New Superstrong Glass Composite
Giant Lemurs Are the First Mammals (besides Us) Found to Use Musical Rhythm
A Near-Future Plague, the Neuroscience of Navigation, and More
Poem: 'Death Cap'
Readers Respond to the September 2021 Issue
From the Editor
New Insights into Ancient Greece's Planetary Motion Machine
Eating Less Red Meat Is Something Individuals Can Do to Help the Climate Crisis
The Science of Health
The Pandemic Has Created a 'Zoom Boom' in Remote Psychotherapy
Medical Algorithms Need Better Regulation