Scientific American Magazine Vol 327 Issue 4

Scientific American

Volume 327, Issue 4

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See the Facility That Tests whether Nuclear Weapons Work

Gargantuan lasers induce a fusion reaction to test the U.S. nuclear stockpile

Viking Textiles Show Women Had Tremendous Power

Cloth from Viking and medieval archaeological sites shows that women literally made the money in the North Atlantic

How Gaslighting Manipulates Reality

Gaslighting isn’t just between people in a relationship—it involves social power, too

The Sky Needs Its 'Silent Spring' Moment

A surge of new research underscores the growing global problem of light pollution—as well as the urgent need for public awareness and action

How Squishy Math Is Revealing Doughnuts in the Brain

Topology, sometimes called rubber sheet geometry, is finding patterns in the brain, drugs and evolution

Artificial General Intelligence Is Not as Imminent as You Might Think

A close look reveals that the newest systems, including DeepMind’s much-hyped Gato, are still stymied by the same old problems


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