Scientific American Magazine Vol 322 Issue 4

Scientific American

Volume 322, Issue 4

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A New Map of the Milky Way

A New Map of the Milky Way

High-resolution surveys chart the spiral structure of the galaxy and the location of our solar system

How Disaster Aid Ravaged an Island People

The 2004 tsunami devastated the Nicobar Islanders, but what came next was arguably worse

Exotic Creature in Antarctica Has Survived More than 30 Ice Ages

Exotic Creature in Antarctica Has Survived More than 30 Ice Ages

Its perseverance is rewriting the history of life, and of ice, across the continent 

Why We Have So Many Problems with Our Teeth

Our choppers are crowded, crooked and riddled with cavities. It hasn’t always been this way

Can We Save the Woodrat without Slaughtering Cats?

In Key Largo, Fla., conservationists and feline lovers figure out how to get along 


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