Scientific American Magazine Vol 328 Issue 2

Scientific American

Volume 328, Issue 2

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Monogamous Prairie Voles Reveal the Neurobiology of Love

Studies of prairie voles are providing surprising new insights into how social bonds form

Acting Out Dreams Predicts Parkinson's and Other Brain Diseases

Enacted dreams could be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life as We Don't Know It

Scientists are abandoning conventional thinking to search for extraterrestrial creatures that bear little resemblance to Earthlings

The Right Words Are Crucial to Solving Climate Change

Speaking to people’s priorities can build the will needed to implement climate solutions

Solving Cement's Massive Carbon Problem

New techniques and novel ingredients can greatly reduce the immense carbon emissions from cement and concrete production

Satellite Constellations Are an Existential Threat for Astronomy

Growing swarms of spacecraft in orbit are outshining the stars, and scientists fear no one will do anything to stop it


We Can't Solve Our Climate Problems without Removing Their Main Cause: Fossil-Fuel Emissions
The Science Agenda
Let Teenagers Sleep
This Common Aquatic Plant Could Produce Buckets of Biofuel
How Plants' Plumbing Let Them Conquer the World
Native Americans Conducted Large-Scale Copper Mining 6,000 Years Ago
Cataclysmic Collisions May Explain 'Forbidden' Exoplanets
Science News Briefs from around the World: February 2023
Five-Eyed, Nozzle-Nosed Oddity Lingered Far beyond the Cambrian Period
This Lemur's Creepily Long Finger Is Perfect for Nose Picking
Drones Sample Rare Specimens from Cliffs and Other Dangerous Places
Here's How a Python Jaw Can Fit a Whole Deer
Life on Mars May Have Been Its Own Worst Enemy
Weird Weather: How to Tell a Williwaw from a Haboob
From the Editor
Adorable Voles, Life as We Don't Know It and Better Cement
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: February 2023
Poem: 'A Quantum Cento'
The Science of Health
Better Patient Care Calls for a 'Platinum Rule' to Replace the Golden One
Death, Sex and Aliens: A Surprising History of Slime
Graphic Science
How the U.S. Lost Years of Life
Readers Respond to the October 2022 Issue
There Are Too Few Women in Computer Science and Engineering
The Universe
Dazzling New JWST Image Shows Dusty Stellar Spirals
One of the Biggest Problems in Biology Has Finally Been Solved
Mind Matters
The Dark Side of Collaboration