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Stories by Christopher Intagliata

Climate Influences Language Evolution

The ease with which certain sounds are produced in different climes plays a role in the development of spoken languages. Christopher Intagliata reports

January 28, 2015 — Christopher Intagliata

Lyme Helps Spread Other Tick Infections

Mice infected with Lyme and the Babesia parasite are more likely to pass on babesiosis than mice infected with babesiosis alone. Christopher Intagliata reports

December 31, 2014 — Christopher Intagliata

Quarter-Million Tons of Plastic Plague Oceans

Based on trawling samples and visual observations of plastic debris, computer models calculate that some 5.25 trillion particles of plastic—about 269,000 tons—may litter the world's oceans...

December 10, 2014 — Christopher Intagliata

Worse Than the Bite

A new study suggests bed bugs can transmit Chagas disease to mice—but the same thing is unlikely to happen in humans. Christopher Intagliata reports

November 20, 2014 — Christopher Intagliata

Fecal Transplanters Fish Out Key Ingredient

The bacterium Clostridium scindens , a member of the gut’s microbiome, appears to ward off the hospital-acquired infection C. difficile. Christopher Intagliata reports...

October 22, 2014 — Christopher Intagliata

Dino Devastator Also Ravaged Veggies

After the Chicxulub meteorite, more than half the plant species in temperate North America perished along with the dinosaurs, and the composition of post-impact vegetation changed markedly...

September 19, 2014 — Christopher Intagliata
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Science or SciFi?

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