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Stories by Karen Hopkin

High Price Tag on Meds May Boost Healing

Parkinson’s patients derived more benefits from a salt solution they were told was an expensive drug than from the same solution when it was described as being cheap medication. Karen Hopkin reports...

January 31, 2015 — Karen Hopkin

Super Bowl Team Cities See More Flu Deaths

Regions that send a team to the Super Bowl saw on average an 18 percent increase in flu deaths among those over 65, probably because of increased transmission due to gatherings of people at parties during the height of the flu season...

January 30, 2015 — Karen Hopkin

Inclusion Illusion Lessens Racial Bias

Implicit bias against another race lessened after volunteers experienced themselves via virtual reality as a member of that race. Karen Hopkin reports


December 20, 2014 — Karen Hopkin

Dumpster Diving Provides Drinking Data

Researchers estimated alcohol consumption at a senior center by putting out recycling bins and counting the bottle contents. Karen Hopkin reports


December 9, 2014 — Karen Hopkin

To Walk, You Have to Fall in Step

Motion-capture technology reveals that the body falls forward and sideways as we walk, and the feet come down to restore balance. Karen Hopkin reports

October 9, 2014 — Karen Hopkin

Reindeer Spit Smacks Down Plant Toxins

Compounds in reindeer and moose saliva interfere with the production of toxins in plants that ordinarily stop animals from dining on the vegetation. Karen Hopkin reports


October 3, 2014 — Karen Hopkin

Sea Garbage Shows Ocean Boundaries

Floating refuse reveals ocean currents that in turn show where the world's oceans mix and where they stay relatively discrete. Karen Hopkin reports


September 30, 2014 — Karen Hopkin

Yeast Coaxed to Make Morphine

Genetically manipulated yeast can produce morphine that could help get around the problems with poppy crops, which include climate, disease and war. Karen Hopkin reports


September 29, 2014 — Karen Hopkin

Finally, an Algorithm to Sort Your Beatles Albums

By analyzing the evolving structure of the Beatles’ music, the computer program was able to correctly place the Fab Four’s albums in chronological order. Karen Hopkin reports...

August 22, 2014 — Karen Hopkin
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