Scientific American Magazine Vol 322 Issue 1

Scientific American

Volume 322, Issue 1

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Why Your Brain Needs Exercise

The evolutionary history of humans explains why physical activity is important for brain health

Quantum Slits Open New Doors

An update to the classic “double-slit” experiment paves the way toward a novel strategy for quantum computing

"Birdbrain" Turns from Insult to Praise

Some avian species use tools and can recognize themselves in the mirror. How do tiny brains pull off such big feats?

How to Break the Bonds of Opioids

Many chronic pain patients can be slowly tapered from the drugs without increasing misery

Alone in a Crowded Milky Way

Even a galaxy teeming with star-hopping alien civilizations should still harbor isolated, unvisited worlds—and Earth might be among them


Nocturnal Moth Species Has a Flashy Secret
Scientists Spot Addiction-Associated Circuit in Rats
Strange Superconductor Sends Electrons Both Ways
In Case You Missed It
E. coli Could Produce a Popular Psychedelic for Therapeutic Use
Low-Income Baltimore Blocks Host Bigger, More Dangerous Mosquitoes
Study Reveals Loss of Laos's Final Tigers
Technique Takes Sleepers from Zzz to Aha!
Cave Arachnids' Modern Range Matches Ancient Glacier Outline
Mapping the Remains of Supernovae
Don't Fact-Check Scientific Judgment Calls
Innovations In
23 and Baby
The DNA Drug Revolution
The Power of Spheres
Gene Therapy Arrives
Fighting Unfairness in Genetic Medicine
Graphic Science
Scientific American's Colorful Covers Reveal 175 Years of Change
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: January 2020
Anti Gravity
Teaching Rats to Drive: A New Model for Learning
Truly Secure Voting Is on the Way
Readers Respond to the September 2019 Issue
We Must Stop the Executive Branch from Suppressing Science
Poetry: Maria Sibylla Merian, January 1670
From the Editor
175th Anniversary Year Jamboree
Everyday Mathematics, Drugs for a Broken Heart and Other New Science Books
The Science of Health
How Gut Microbes Shape Our Response to Drugs
The Science Agenda
A Nationwide Ban Is Needed for "Anti-Gay Therapy"