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Zoology Books of 2017

From Does It Fart? to the Loch Ness Monster Reloaded, Evolution In Minutes and Dinosaur Art II

December 21, 2017 — Darren Naish

Smooth Surfaces Are a Bat Blind Spot

Glass and metal surfaces temporarily "blind" a bat by bouncing sound waves in the wrong direction, which sometimes results in a collision. This video was reproduced with permission and was first published on September 7, 2017...

September 7, 2017 — Nature Video

A New Era for Origins of Life Science?

A new effort to bring global cohesion to origins of life science launches, and with it a fresh look at how to crack one of the greatest existential questions.

August 7, 2015 — Caleb A. Scharf

We Transformed Living Pig Cells into Tiny Lasers

Using fluorescent dye, researchers figured out how to turn cells into lasers—with applications for cell tagging and tracking as well as medical diagnoses and therapies

July 28, 2015 — Matjaž Humar, Seok-Hyun Yun and The Conversation UK

Botanical Sexism Cultivates Home-Grown Allergies

It's the time year for watery eyes and itchy noses, and if you're among the afflicted, you may be surprised to learn that decades of botanical sexism in urban landscapes have contributed to your woes...

April 29, 2015 — Thomas Leo Ogren
Along the Tiger's Trail: Genetic Studies Aid Conservation

Along the Tiger's Trail: Genetic Studies Aid Conservation

Editor's Note: "Along the Tiger's Trail" is a  series about the efforts to monitor tigers and their prey in the Malenad landscape in southwestern India that harbors one of the world's largest population of wild tigers...

April 23, 2015 — Vishnupriya S. and Dr. Samba Kumar
Along the Tiger's Trail: Counting the Prey

Along the Tiger's Trail: Counting the Prey

Thimmayya, a Jenu Kuruba tribesman who lives in the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve is leading the way. Following him is Killivalavan Rayar, a senior research associate working with WCS India Program...

March 27, 2015 — Varun R. Goswami and N. Samba Kumar

Hangout with Kit Parker: Engineering the Body

When I told Kit Parker of Harvard University to think about explaining what he does to teenagers who would be watching our Google Science Fair Hangout On Air earlier today, he had a great answer for me: “My job is to work on cool.” Among Parker’s many “cool” research passions are understanding cardiac cell biology [...]..

March 25, 2015 — Mariette DiChristina
Along the Tiger's Trail: Where Are the Cats Found and Why?

Along the Tiger's Trail: Where Are the Cats Found and Why?

A team of four WCS India Program field members are sweating it out in the rugged hilly terrain of Malenad. Walking neither too fast, nor too slow, they follow a trail, diligently observing and recording signs of tigers and other wildlife along the way...

March 3, 2015 — A. Srivathsa, K.K. Karanth and S. Shrestha
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