Scientific American Magazine Vol 326 Issue 4

Scientific American

Volume 326, Issue 4

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Are Telescopes the Only Way to Find Dark Matter?

If the invisible matter does not appear in experiments or particle colliders, we may have to find it in space

How Migrating Birds Use Quantum Effects to Navigate

New research hints at the biophysical underpinnings of their ability to use Earth’s magnetic field lines to find their way to their breeding and wintering grounds

Women Are Creating a New Culture for Astronomy

A new generation of scientists are challenging the biased, hierarchical status quo

Jerusalem Archaeology Modernizes but Runs into Ancient Problems

A new generation of scholars working in the Holy Land remain haunted by scripture and riven by modern politics

To Revive a River, Restore Its Liver

Radical reconstruction in Seattle is bringing nearly dead urban streams back to productive life

The Father of Modern Neuroscience Discovered the Basic Unit of the Nervous System

Modern brain science as we know it began with the work of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, whose creative thought sprang from memories of a childhood spent in the preindustrial Spanish countryside

Spark Creativity with Thomas Edison's Napping Technique

Waking yourself from the twilight state just before sleep may help you to solve a challenging problem, a study shows


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Bird Navigation, Dark Matter, Biblical Archaeology, and More
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A Wave of New Cancer Treatments Challenges Community Oncologists to Keep Up
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Why We Must Protect Voting Rights
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Colonialism Casts a Shadow on Fossil Science
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Personality Type, as well as Politics, Predicts Who Shares Fake News
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