Scientific American Magazine Vol 327 Issue 2

Scientific American

Volume 327, Issue 2

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Ocean Discoveries Are Revising Long-Held Truths about Life

New findings show that the ocean is much more intertwined with our lives than we ever imagined

Fantastic Sea Creatures Photographed Up Close and Personal

Sea angels, telescope fish and blanket octopuses can be real monsters

The Mystery of Milky Seas Is Finally Being Solved

Scientists are uncovering more about an eerie phenomenon that has bewildered seafarers for centuries

High-Tech Seafloor Mapping Is Finding Surprising Structures Everywhere

Giant coral towers, vast reefs and other formations are captivating explorers

Discoveries from the Deep

Advances in robotics, sensing and genomics are accelerating findings of sophisticated life throughout the ocean depths

Hope for New Drugs Arises from the Sea

Compounds that marine creatures make to defend themselves could yield lifesaving medicines

How Florence Nightingale Changed Data Visualization Forever

The celebrated nurse improved public health through her groundbreaking use of graphic storytelling

Greatest Migration on Earth Happens under Darkness Every Day

Trillions of tiny animals may be coordinating their movements in ways that affect every organism on the planet

A New Private Moon Race Kicks Off Soon

Commercial spacecraft are vying to land on the lunar surface, but can they jump-start a new space economy?

How the Ocean Sustains Complex Life

Detailed data about a host of physical and chemical forces are shaping a new view of the sea


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