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Stories by Jen Christiansen

Neural Networks for Artists

From hallucinogenic-like DeepDream composites to mesmerizing style-transfer videos, visuals provide an engaging entry point to the world of machine learning

July 8, 2016 — Jen Christiansen

Jellyfish in Motion

Animation shows how a moon jelly propels itself using spinning wheels of water

April 29, 2016 — Jen Christiansen

The Science of Visualization

What is visualization? When asked of data and information visualization professionals, answers will generally swirl around one of two punch lines…a visual tool that aids in (1) analysis or (2) communication of information...

November 3, 2015 — Jen Christiansen

Carbon Dioxide Data Earns a Place in History

The Keeling Curve, which records atmospheric carbon dioxide changes since 1958, was just awarded National Historic Chemical Landmark status. — Jen Christiansen, Eliene Augenbraun, Benjamin Meyers...

June 12, 2015 — Eliene Augenbraun, Jen Christiansen and Benjamin Meyers

An Ode to MESSENGER and Mariner 10: Graphics from the Archive

In honor of the spacecraft MESSENGER, which ends its mission today with a planned collision with Mercury, here’s a look back at the craft and its travels, as illustrated by Don Foley for the March 2011 issue of Scientific American...

April 30, 2015 — Jen Christiansen

Subatomic Particles Over Time: Graphics from the Archive, 1952-2015

In the May issue of Scientific American, a familiar friend makes an appearance: a chart of fundamental particles. These particles—fermions (which include constituents of matter such as electrons and quarks) and bosons (usually carriers of force)—are at the very heart of the Standard Model of particle physics...

April 15, 2015 — Jen Christiansen
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