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Stories by Jason G. Goldman

Australian Bird Dips Its Dinner

A chance observation led researchers to add the Australian Magpie to the short list of birds that dunk their food in water before eating.  

September 29, 2017 — Jason G. Goldman
Grazing Cattle Trim the Menu for Birds

Grazing Cattle Change the Menu for Birds

When cattle graze the desert's natural landscape, birds face changes in food availability—and some species are unable to adapt. Jason Goldman reports.

August 30, 2017 — Jason G. Goldman

Hawaiian Crows Ready for the Call of the Wild

The critically endangered birds have done well in captive breeding, meaning they may be ready once more for wild living, and the repertoire of calls associated with it. Jason G. Goldman reports. ...

January 30, 2017 — Jason G. Goldman

A Humble Fish with a Colorful Edge

The cichlid, a small fish, has one of the most incredible visual systems known—which allows it to adapt to differently colored environments. Jason G. Goldman reports.

January 28, 2017 — Jason G. Goldman
Tomorrow's Criminal Justice

Tomorrow’s Criminal Justice

Untapped human abilities and new technologies could identify criminals and fight crime 

January 8, 2017 — Jason G. Goldman and Melinda Wenner Moyer
Bats Learn to Take White-Nose Punch

Bats Learn to Take White-Nose Punch

In areas where the white-nose syndrome fungus has been around for awhile, little brown bats seem to have found a way to limit the disease damage.

December 23, 2016 — Jason G. Goldman
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